Physical: 100 Contestant Is Sentenced In Sexual Assault Case

A contestant who appeared on Netflix‘s Physical: 100 has been sentenced in court for sexual assault.

Poster for Physical: 100 | Netflix

On July 20, Yonhap News reported that Seoul Central District Court sentenced the contestant (referred to hereafter as “A”) to seven years in prison for sexual assault. “A” will also be forced to undergo 80 hours of education.

A former national team rugby player who was charged with aggravated sexual assault has been sentenced to seven years  and ordered to 80 hours of sexual education.

— Yonhap News

Reports state that prosecutors had originally asked for a 12-year sentence for the crimes.


Previously, the Physical: 100 contestant was charged with physically assaulting his girlfriend before sexually assaulting her on February 23. The contestant was also charged for illegally filming his girlfriend, despite her stating she didn’t want to.