‘Old School RuneScape’ quest Desert Treasure gets a sequel after 18 years

Old School RuneScape players are being treated to a sequel to one of its most beloved quests – Desert Treasure – almost two decades after the original was added into the game.

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As a Grandmaster quest featuring the mysterious Mahjarrat, Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire is the “most ambitious” quest that the Old School team has worked on since the release of the RPG in 2013.

In this sequel, players travel to four new areas and will be pitted against four new bosses that guard an ancient vault that has the power to “change Gielinor forever” if it is opened.


“These four bosses each have their own abilities, mechanics, and strategies,” read the press release, with the assurance that these bosses can be battled again after the ending of The Fallen Empire for extra rewards like the coveted Virtus Armour.

The content is live today (July 26) in Old School RuneScape, allowing players to commence their quest as soon as they like and secure the “host of mythical and powerful rewards.”

Desert Treasure 2 will reward players with four new best-in-slot rings to boost strength, ranged skills, magic, and melee, as well as a fully upgraded Ancient Sceptre which gets stronger with every defeated boss,” explained the team. “Each boss will also drop one of four pieces of a unique two-handed axe for felling the toughest foes.”

A few months ago, players voted for Sailing to be the multiplayer role-playing game’s next skill, for the first time in ten years. Fans have a lot of input into the direction of Old School RuneScape, and as such, they have the chance to decide what the skill will look like in the evolved iteration of the classic RPG.

In other gaming news, the developer of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher games has disclosed its third instance of layoffs in three months, affecting “around 100” employees.

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