ITZY’s Chaeryeong Doesn’t Want J.Y. Park To Appear On “The K-Star Next Door,” And It’s All To “Protect” NMIXX’s Sullyoon

The popular variety program The K-Star Next Door, hosted by Jonathan Thona, has featured multiple JYP Entertainment K-Pop groups this summer.

In June, Jonathan hosted Stray KidsSeungmin, Changbin, and I.N, followed by NMIXX‘s HaewonSullyoonKyujin, and Bae in July, and most recently, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong, Ryujin, and Yuna in August.

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(From left:) ITZY’s Yuna, Jonathan Thona, Chaeryeong, and Ryujin | 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

ITZY’s Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Ryujin shared that they’ve seen each episode featuring their fellow JYP Entertainment artists, including TWICE‘s Nayeon, Momo, and Sana‘s episode from last year.

The only episode they hadn’t seen was NMIXX’s since it hadn’t aired yet at the time of filming.

During ITZY’s episode, the members were presented with the keyword “JYP Sniper,” which the group was asked to explain.

Jonathan elaborated that he was referencing the time they made fun of the JYP Entertainment founder and veteran singer, J.Y. Park.

As the members denied doing anything to make fun of him, Jonathan Thona hilariously interjected to state he had evidence as the ITZY members knowingly began to laugh.

The K-Star Next Door team then played a video of ITZY’s Chaeryeong and Ryujin copying J.Y. Park’s dance cover to NewJeans‘ hit song “Hype Boy.”

Chaeryeong quickly clarified that it was done out of respect and that they wanted to do something funny for their fans.

After clearing up the situation, Jonathan brought up another JYP Entertainment idol who had poked fun at J.Y. Park, NMIXX’s Sullyoon, who had hilariously said J.Y. Park reminded her of a gorilla.

Chaeryeong was hilariously shocked and the three ITZY members shared they didn’t agree with that opinion.

Jonathan moved the topic along, realizing he had interviewed many JYP Entertainment artists but not J.Y. Park himself.

Chaeryeong told him she would recommend he appear on the show before Jonathan asked if she was sure since he would be telling the veteran star everything that’s been said about him.

Chaeryeong quickly changed her mind about recommending J.Y. Park appear on the show, stating that she needed to protect Sullyoon.

Check out more from the funny episode in the full video below!