How Jihyo’s Defiance Led Her To Become The Only Sunburnt TWICE Member

Episode 4 from the making of TWICE‘s “Alcohol-Free” music video was released. TWICE brought fans with them to the beautiful Jeju Island to film both solo and group shots, but a lot happened in between!

As filming rolled on, the intense heat became too much for some members, who looked for shade to cover themselves.

Jihyo, however, had the opposite reaction. Instead of hiding from the sun, she welcomed it with open arms by leisurely sitting on a chair, closing her eyes, and savoring the moment.

I’m getting healed. It’s so great! I love the warm, hot sun. I enjoy it.

— Jihyo

She explained that she wanted to bask in the sun as long as possible because she stays indoors most of the time.

We’re inside all the time. I better take in the sun as much as possible while I’m outside.

— Jihyo

Unfortunately for Jihyo, her actions came back to bite her. Soon after, she unknowingly got sunburnt on her shoulders.

This is a sequel to ‘Dance The Night Away.’ But when you tan under the natural sun, it tans weirdly. I got so burnt.

— Jihyo

Even though she must have felt pain from it, she continued to smile brightly. Her reaction to the situation and pleasant attitude are admirable!

Watch the moment in the full episode below.