GREG PUCIATO Tours Australia 2024

Photo Credit: Jim Louvau

Greg Puciato has never been able to sit still.

After rising to global prominence as vocalist of the revered and pioneering extreme music act The Dillinger Escape Plan, Greg Puciato began to spread his wings towards the end of their illustrious and controversial tenure, becoming a key member of other such acts as the heavy metal supergroup Killer Be Killed and synth-pop sensation The Black Queen. He’s even recently become a member of Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chain’s solo band, and now fronts the post-Every Time I Die supergroup Better Lovers.

However his sights have always been set on a longer goal – a solo project with no boundaries or limitations.

Employing longtime TDEP producer Steve Evetts, and drummers Chris Pennie (Dillinger Escape Plan), Ben Koller (Converge), Chris Hornbook (Poison The Well), Puciato wrote and performed everything else you hear on 2020 debut album ‘Child Soldier: Creator of God’. He even established an independent record label to self-release it – Federal Prisoner. Late 2020 saw an immediate follow up with the experimental live album/studio EP/visual hybrid ‘Fuck Content’. Album number two arrived in 2022 in the form of ‘Mirrorcell’, a powerhouse of a record that saw the career mixtape approach of Child Soldier coalesce into a more cohesive form of razor sharp alternative metal, while still embodying the diversity and eclectic experimentation the man is known for.

With a full live band presentation of the project ticking the USA and Europe ticked off in 2023, January 2024 will see Puciato bring his baby to the land he has long considered a second spiritual home – Australia. Head here to get your tickets

Following up on his exclusive 2022 performance at Dark Mofo, Portland’s premiere trap metal producer King Yosef will join the tour for their first shows on the mainland, alongside one man industrial noise act Trace Amount.

Producer King Yosef, or Tayves Yosef Pellitier found his feet amongst both the hip-hop and hardcore scenes with a bombastic and incredibly heavy approach to a unique style of industrial trap metal. Following several albums, EPs, and a collaborative record with industrial leaders Youth Code, Yosef teamed up with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou on production duties to explore a darker and more expansive sound on acclaimed new album ‘An Underlying Hum’, bringing in elements of country and folk for an album that truly is a journey. Permanently expanded into a live trio with drums and guitars/synth, his live show brings in elements from all across the spectrum for an experience that is undeniably unique and captivating.

A former member of the hardcore band Old Wounds, Brandon Gallagher is Trace Amount. Confrontational, harsh industrial noise is the modus operandi here. The debut album ‘Anti Body Language’ was released in 2022 on Puciato’s Federal Prisoner label, inspired by the increasingly grim reality of life in New York City. Having been on the grind ever since with substantial touring across the USA and Europe, this expedition will mark his first visit to Australia.

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