Eagle-eyed Fans Spot Some Special Gifts In LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s Room

Fans have spied some unexpected items in LE SSERAFIM member Yunjin’s room in one of the recent vlogs posted on the group’s YouTube channel.

LE SSERAFIMs Yunjin | @jenaissante/Instagram

On August 16, KST, the girl group’s official YouTube channel posted the first episode of their web variety show,  LE SSERAFIM’s DAY OFF Season 3. The initial duration of the episode follows the five members as they all share their packing process with the viewers while preparing to go on a vacation together. Yunjin chose a variety of items to pack, including summer-appropriate bucket hats, earrings, and a small bottle of perfume.

During her solo packing shots, a significant chunk of her room was visible in the background. Though fans have gotten more glimpses of her room through vlogs before, this time, they noticed some interesting room decor near her bed.

Screenshot (2163)
| @LESSERAFIM_official/YouTube

The shelf behind her bed had two popular albums stacked on it, one of them being BTS member J-Hope’s Jack In The Box and the other Suga’s D-DAY.

download - 2023-08-18T045308.922
| @LESSERAFIM_official/YouTube
download - 2023-08-18T045511.624
The “Jack In The Box” vinyl | BIGHIT MUSIC
download - 2023-08-18T045709.016
The “D-DAY” album | BIGHIT MUSIC

As many fans already know, Yunjin has been a proud BTS fan since her predebut era, and this wouldn’t be the first time BTS-related items were spotted in her room. Last year, when the singer shared some pictures of herself on her bed, ARMYs noticed multiple fan-made posters of BTS songs on her walls.

Given her very open appreciation of BTS as a fan, spotting those albums in her room hardly comes as a surprise. But what impressed many is the possibility that, unlike usual fans, Yunjin didn’t have to buy those albums. Instead, she probably received them as gifts from the respective BTS members. The assumption is not too far-fetched, given that her teammate Chaewon had recently “flexed” a copy of the Jack In The Box vinyl gifted to all the members by J-Hope during an episode of LE SSERAFIM’s variety game show, LENIVERSE.