Trace Cyrus claims Metro Station would be “more successful” if his family wasn’t famous

Trace Cyrus has said that his band Metro Station would have been “more successful” if his family weren’t famous.

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The 34-year-old is the brother of Miley Cyrus and the son of Billy Ray Cyrus. While Miley was one of the most famous child actors, playing the main role in the Disney Channel hit show Hannah Montana, he started a band called Metro Station with Mason Russo.

Their third single ‘Shake It’ became a global hit and charted in the Top 10 of 11 countries around the world. Their singles from that era have clocked up hundreds of millions of streams online.

They released their self-titled debut album in 2007, follow-up ‘Savior’ in 2015, and then a string of EPs and singles with dwindling success.

Earlier this week, in an Instagram stories Q&A, Trace revealed that he believed Metro Station would have taken off more if he wasn’t part of the Cyrus musical dynasty.

“I love my family so much, but I think I’d be much more successful if I wasn’t part of a famous family,” the 34-year-old said.

He continued: “People immediately want to judge me and discredit all my hard work because of who I’m related to. But that’s so far from the truth. I got a record deal without anyone from my label even knowing who I was related to ’til after they signed me.”

Cyrus also mentioned that he “never put [his] last name online anywhere for the first years of [his] career until people started finding out.”

Last week, Trace Cyrus ALSO penned a message to commemorate his mother’s recent marriage to actor Dominic Purcell (Prison Break). Under a photo of him, his mum and sisters Miley and Brandi, he wrote: “I feel extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing family… Life is unpredictable [and] always full of changes. I think the most important thing to do is cherish the past, look forward to the future, [and] always be happy in the present moment because that’s really all we have.”

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In 2009, when Metro Station’s eponymous debut album came out, NME gave the record two stars, writing: “Perhaps sensibly, Metro Station don’t try too hard. Put simply, if you find [Panic At The Disco] too slick and safe, you’ll want to avoid this record. The basic DNA is the same, but on ‘Wish We Were Older’ and ‘Kelsey’, it’s been sanitized to a PG rating.”

Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly‘s song ‘Weird’ was compared to Metro Station’s ‘Shake It’ in 2021 after fans noticed and shared the similarities online. Replying to a tweet by the Associated Press, the band wrote: “Taylor Swift with shake it off and now this!? Honored that we have influenced so many.”

Trace Cyrus has also spoken oiut on OnlyFans models, claiming that they won’t be able to “settle down with a guy with good morals.”

“[Women] get a lot of attention from guys on [OnlyFans] so they think they have options,” he wrote. “But any guy who is so desperate to see sexual content that they are willing to pay for it is a desperate loser. A lot of successful guys will sleep with those girls but they don’t want to wife them.”

Recently, his sister Miley Cyrus dropped her latest single ‘Used To Be Young’, which she said was inspired by Adele as she was “thinking of [her]” whilst writing it.

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