Kylie Minogue on how fame took a toll on her mental health: “I lived that”

Kylie Minogue attends as The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and Kylie Minogue announce "Voltaire" coming to the iconic resort this fall 2023 at Bar Lis on July 27, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Kylie Minogue has opened up about how fame took a toll on her mental health sharing she had lived through that.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone UK, the pop icon spoke about how certain aspects of fame are not easy to deal with and noted how it is easier to have open conversations about struggling with mental health now.

“What I think is great for a lot of people now is that there’s a discussion about mental health and the toll [fame] can take on people, I had that, I lived that,” she said.

The singer also shared that she was also conscious of keeping her family and close friends safe and well along with herself.

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“I was able to manage that myself and with my family and close friends and navigate those waters. It wasn’t a decision [to stay private], it was a reaction to protect myself and to protect my family because they would go through it with you,” Minogue said.

In the interview, she also addressed how she protects her privacy explaining that she has a “common sense” element to her approach, but it does take “some sacrifice”. “I can really go from doing a full kind of blitz of doing it all and then stop and recalibrate,” she said.

In other news, Minogue recently shed new insight into recording her latest single ‘Tension’ – describing how she and her collaborators were “jumping on sofas” to make the song.

“They came in with this incredible energy,” she said. “‘Tension’, it’s one of those ones that you don’t really even know how it happened. We were just vibing and all the whooping and stuff that we’ve kept on the record was literally us just screaming our heads off and going, ‘Did you just say that? Did you just say that?’ ‘Yeah, I said it.’”

‘Tension’ is the titular track of Minogue’s 16th studio album, which is set for release on September 22 via Darenote/BMG (pre-save/pre-order here). The album is said to be inspired by ’90s house music, ’00s club classics, and a genre Minogue dubbed as “emoto-pop”.

She also recently announced details of a one-off show at London’s Royal Albert Hall show this December.

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