‘Dave The Diver’ adds new missions, hireable NPCs and something called a “Lobster Party”

Dave The Diver, one of the most surprising releases of 2023, has received a significant content update with new missions, hireable non-playable characters and something called a “Lobster Party”.

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Created by developer Mintrocket, Dave The Diver is a humorous action-adventure PC game where the player protagonist is a deep sea diver who takes over a sushi restaurant.

Through his dives, players catch the fish that will supply the restaurant, and the available marine flora and fauna change with every day that passes.

‘Dave The Diver’ Credit: Nexon

The success of the restaurant unlocks upgrades for Dave’s diving gear, and as the restaurant becomes more popular on social media, the chefs are able to cook and serve new recipes which require new ingredients.

Mintrocket has been supporting Dave The Diver with fixes and improvements like inventory sorting, increased user interface size, automated quick time event button presses, charging button presses and more.

This update, though, dropped new sub missions for the late game regions and a new night species of fish to balance out the frequency of finding day species at night. The patch notes are available to read on Steam however they do contain story spoilers.

New crabs and lobsters have been added with crab traps to catch them, and there is now a new “Lobster Party” event. Auto-farming for chicken, fish, rice, seaweed and vegetables will be possible if Dave hires the non-playable character MC Sammy to carry out chores on these farms.

‘Dave The Diver’ Credit: Nexon

A Wandering Merchant will sometimes visit the restaurant and when served an unnamed “special dish”, he will return with his stock that will include new ingredients.

The Dave The Diver update also addressed various bugs and provided optimisations like shorter loading times and balance changes like slower and weaker thresher sharks.

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