Bring Me The Horizon drop anthemic new single ‘DArkSide’

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon performs at Pine Knob Music Theatre on July 29, 2023

Bring Me The Horizon have shared a taster of their upcoming album by dropping the new anthemic single, ‘DArkSide’. Check it out below.

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Released today (October 13), the track is taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘POST HUMAN: NeX Gen’, and arrives after Oli Sykes and co. recently pushed back the release date of the highly anticipated project.

News of the new track was first teased earlier this month, when the members sent out confirmation to fans who were signed to their official mailing list with the subject line: “Think my angels fallen…” along with the single’s artwork and title.

As the name suggests, the track carries a particularly gloomy theme throughout and sees the frontman tackle themes of insomnia, heartbreak and depression. That being said, the song is still hugely anthemic, and even seems to suggest a nod towards the Papa Roach classic ‘Last Resort’ with the lyric “Don’t give a fuck if my heart stops beating”.

I’m begging you to stay / My darkside won today / My heart keeps breaking / Over and over,” Sykes sings. “Don’t let me out your sight / Can’t trust myself tonight / My heart keeps breaking / Can you talk me off the ledge again?” Check out the lyric video below.

The new track also arrives following BMTH teasing some of their new work on social media. Recently, they posted a snippet of a song onto their Discord, leading to fans trying to figure out if it was a clip of the forthcoming song.

As previously mentioned, the band recently pushed back the release of their LP due to “unforeseen circumstances”, leaving the band “unable to complete the record to the standard we’d be happy with”.

A new release date for the album has not been released but Sykes promised fans it is “close”.

“I was hoping despite the setbacks we could pull it off in time for you guys but there’s still so many little details I want to be perfect and until it’s nailed I’m just not willing to give to you guys,” he said. “We can’t give it a new date just yet but just know it’s close… & I know you guys have been so patient but you just gotta be a lil more..”

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon performs on stage
Oliver Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon performs on stage. CREDIT: Martin Philbey/Getty Images

Talking about the upcoming album with NME, the frontman confirmed that while he couldn’t share too much about the sound, it was primarily inspired by emo and hardcore.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a hyper-pop album, but I’ve definitely been inspired by that world. I admire how obnoxious, trashy and in your face that music feels, which is what I was drawn to when I got into emo, hardcore and screamo,” he explained.

“It’s not that we’ve lost that in our music, but as you become a bigger band, things do get more polished. I want to go the opposite way. Let’s be unhinged, let’s stop trying to make all the edges smooth.”

The band are set to embark on a UK and Ireland arena tour next year, as well as play at the star-studded 2024 edition of Sick New World. Find a full list of dates and remaining tickets here.

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