“I Can Only See Him” — The Fanboy TXT’s Yeonjun Still Can’t Forget

As one of the most famous groups of K-Pop’s fourth generation, TXT has traveled the world for multiple tours and met many fans.

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So GOT7‘s BamBam wondered if there was a MOA in particular who left a lasting impression on him.

Yeonjun told BamBam and the Bam’s House viewers about a fanboy he saw often during TXT’s tour in America.

Not only did the fanboy wear a cowboy hat, but he also swung his arm around like he was holding a lasso (a rope to catch horses).

Making him even more eye-catching, the fan repeatedly shouted Yeonjun’s name and pointed at himself.

Yeonjun admitted that he couldn’t look away from the fanboy whenever he saw him. He said, “It’s so funny that I can’t concentrate. I can only see him.

BamBam wondered how Yeonjun ended up handling the fanboy. Yeonjun revealed that he would acknowledge him and thank him.

The fanboy was so unique that Yeonjun said they’ll know exactly who he’s talking about. See him talk about the passionate MOA that still lives rent-free in his mind.