Where Is She Now? The Former MAXIM Model Dubbed “Korea’s Most Beautiful Police Officer”

A Korean police officer once went viral due to her gorgeous visuals.

Kim Mi So

In 2015, Kim Mi So made headlines for her drastic career change. Before becoming a police officer, she was active as a model who specialized in sexy photoshoots.


Several pictures of the then-25-year old woman wearing a tiny bikini went viral, with netizens expressing their amazement at her jaw-dropping figure.


She was even nominated for Miss Maxim Korea back in 2014.


A year later, she gave up her modelling career in order to join the law enforcement. Her aforementioned pictures made the rounds online and she was dubbed the “most beautiful policewoman” in South Korea.

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The Central Police Academy confirmed during the height of her popularity that she had successfully completed training and was assigned to a police department in Seoul.


Several years have passed since then and Kim Mi So is moving under the radar. Not much is known about her, presumably because she is now a public servant whose job is to help the people instead of performing in front of them.

Her old Instagram account, fallinmiso, is now private.

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However, an updated profile picture shows that she is still as gorgeous as ever!

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