Lu Banzz: The Voice of Bushwick’s Grit and Hustle




In the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York, particularly in the vibrant neighborhood of Bushwick, Lu Banzz’s music echoes the raw energy of the city that never sleeps. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in Brooklyn, Banzz carries the spirit of two worlds within him—a fusion that breathes life into his music and message.

From an early age, adversity was no stranger to Lu Banzz. His life, marked by trials and tribulations, became a canvas for storytelling, and he chose music as his brush. For Banzz, his songs are more than just entertainment; they are a conversation with the world, a chance to share his perspective and connect with those who have walked similar paths.

Influenced profoundly by his brother/cousin who passed away, Banzz was introduced to the world of rap early on. This familial bond and shared passion for music ignited a flame that would only grow brighter as the years passed. His music is a tribute to his brother/cousin’s memory and a continuation of the creative legacy they began together.

A typical day for Lu Banzz is a testament to his dedication. After the day’s work is done, he and his crew—the Cash Feens—hit the studio, pouring their collective energy into crafting beats and rhymes. These marathon sessions, sometimes lasting up to eight hours, are a clear indication of their commitment. Sleep is a luxury they willingly sacrifice, all in the name of the dream they share.

The essence of Banzz’s music is not hidden but rather a transparent reflection of his journey for listeners to understand and feel. His lyrics are a window into his soul, inviting others to see the world through his eyes and to find common ground in the shared human experience.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of his creative process, and Lu Banzz is open to working with anyone who shares his work ethic and values their time. It’s about mutual respect and the hustle—qualities that resonate deeply within the DNA of his music.

The connection with his supporters is something Banzz cherishes deeply. He approaches each interaction with positivity, recognizing the role his fans play in his ongoing narrative. For Banzz, love and respect are the currencies he trades in, and his gratitude towards those who support him is boundless.

Creating music is more than just a part of Lu Banzz’s life; it is his life’s work. The joy of investing time and energy into something that is truly his own is unparalleled. For Banzz, there is no downside to his craft. Every beat, every verse, is a step on a path he has chosen for himself, a path that leads to fulfillment and self-expression.

Performance anxiety and the fear of releasing new music are foreign to him. Banzz moves with confidence, understanding that while not everyone will resonate with his message, authenticity will always find its audience. His philosophy is simple: real recognizes real.

For those looking to make their mark in the music industry, Lu Banzz has straightforward advice: stay true to your vision and remain focused. Ignore the naysayers and trust in your journey. It’s a message that comes not just from a place of experience, but from the heart of someone who lives it every day.

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