BLACKPINK’s Jennie reveals ‘Slow Motion’ was “created” three years ago

blackpink jennie slow motion recorded three years ago

BLACKPINK singer Jennie has revealed that ‘Slow Motion’, her recent collaboration single with Matt Champion, was made three years ago.

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie took to her personal Instagram account to share a note about ‘Slow Motion’ shortly after it released on March 8, alongside a polaroid picture of her with Matt Champion. “Can’t believe this beautiful song is finally out,” Jennie wrote.

She also shared that she and Champion created ‘Slow Motion’ about three years ago, which is also notable when Jennie’s solo work was still managed by YG Entertainment.

“This one’s close to my heart and I’m so excited to share its message with you all,” she added. “Matt and I worked on this song three years ago and I hope you guys enjoy it as we share a piece of ourselves.”

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‘Slow Motion’ is Jennie’s first solo release since she launched her own label called Odd Atelier in December 2023. The track will also appear on Champion’s debut album ‘Mika’s Laundry’, due out March 22. The Brockhampton member had previously released the tracks ‘Slug’ and ‘Aphid’.

Odd Atelier was unveiled by Jennie just weeks after she and her BLACKPINK bandmates decided not to renew their solo contracts with longtime agency YG Entertainment. However, the quartet will continue group activities as BLACKPINK under the K-pop label after signing a new “exclusive contract”.

Jennie and Champion’s new song also came shortly after the music video for Jennie’s 2018 solo debut single ‘Solo’ hit a billion views on YouTube, making her the second K-pop soloist to do so after Psy with ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012.

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