Dive into INTICA’S dark electro-pop on ‘Afraid Of The Dark’.


‘Silence, every breath is like a tidal wave,’ opens ‘AFRAID OF THE DARK’ by INTICA. It’s an ominous beginning to a track heavy with fear – though fear of what, we’re never quite certain. But perhaps, just like looking into the darkness, it’s the unknown that scares us the most.

INTICA is an alt-pop artist based in California. With several releases under their belt, they’ve ramped up momentum in 2023 and have made this their first release of 2024.

‘AFRAID OF THE DARK’ is a richly sinister electronic alt-pop track, that evokes deep inner fears.

The lyrics are compelling and can be claustrophobic with lines like ‘I thought I was alone now, I can’t escape it’ and ‘I’m in a hostage situation’, though there’s hope in the titular line ‘I’m not afraid of the dark’. Lines like ‘I could paint a picture of every monster I created’ and ‘the tricks my mind have played on me’ seem to reference mental health struggles, panic and anxiety, whilst remaining somewhat opaque. The melodies are delicate yet insistent, and delivered in INTICA’s whispery yet assured vocals. There is also a spoken/rapped section that shows off some impressive flow.

The production has an underwater feel to it – subby beats and eerie, affected piano that give things an epic yet hard-to-reach quality, as if INTICA is too lost in their inner world. The quavering synths are ghostly, yet there could also be a strong dance remix here somewhere. Fans of dark alt-pop like Daughter, Fiona Apple and the XX will find something to enjoy here.

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Words Eden Tredwell

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